Have you ever been at a festival, in Riga, with more than 13 activities, combining the spirit of competition with recreation?


Choose an activity, create a team and make your Jenotu Urbal Trap Festival an unforgettable experience!


BEER PONG LATVIA OPEN - back in 2020, during Latvian Championship, alliance "Jenoti" set up a new record in Baltic countries - 100 teams participated in the championship! In 2022, we launched Latvian Beer Pong federation, so this year, during JUTF, we are launching Latvia Open tournament, with a goal to reach a new record, a prize pool more impressive than before, new and more foreign participats, promote Beer Pong as not only an entertainment, but also a sport! If you feel competitive and you have a passion to playu, then this is definitely for you. You have an opportunity to participate in a Solo tournament and also with a friend in the regular 2v2 tournament.

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GRAFFITI BATTLE is one of the most important parts of urban culture. The goal of JUTF is to give it's participats to express their creativity and create unique art. We offer a unique opportunity for YOU to participate in this battle for free! We will provide both the paint and the canvas, therefore, if you are friends with Graffiti art and culture, apply now and see you at the battle! Art will be rated by representatives of urban culture and also by visitors of the festival.



POOL has become and integral part of JUTF. Did you know that pool is one of the billiard variants with 4 disciplines: pool8, pool9, pool10, pool14+1?! During the festival, we will host a billiard tournament in the most popular discipline "pool8", which will take place in the “BAMS POOL HOUSE” rooms. BAMS is the leading billiard sports club in Latvia, it provides 11 high quality and taken proper car of tables, that allow to host tournaments like Riga cup, Latvian and event Baltic level championships.



EATING CONTEST gained huge popularity at the festival last year. This years eaating contest is organised in cooperation with our partner KFC. If you love some spicy chicken, you can eat it fast and a lot, and you feel competitivness in you, then you need to participate for sure! Fastest eaters will receive fantastic prizes from our amazing partners. REGISTRATION - at the festival on site!



CORNHOLE is a very fun and simple game that can be played both indoors and outdoors. Playing cornhole promotes your coordination, feeling of depth, passion for winning and, of course, fun way to spend your free time. Principle of the game - trying to score aa corn filled bags into a hole on a wooden platform. JUTF offers you a uniqe chance to try out this sport and who knows, maybe you will discover a new talent!



TABLE TENNIS is considered one of the most popular sports in the world! Game is played on a rectangular green or blue table which is split in half by a 15 cm high net. Tempo of the game is very fast players will deffinitely need a quick reaction! If you haven't tried it yet or you want to test your skills, JUTF is welcoming you to a table tennis tournament!



DANCE BATTLE is an integral part of urban culture, where many different dance styles meet. Through dance, you can see the real expressions of a human body, because body never lies. In JUTF dance battles you'll experience a real rollercoaster of vibes and will be able to express any emotion you felt while enjoying the performances!



FUNKY MONKEY BATTLE is a combination of two hip hop elements - freestyle and beat battle! In freestyle, rappers need to rap lyrics in a techncially correct way about a specific topic. The rap has to be entirely improvised and fit the beat. Winner will the the one, who will perform closer to the rules than others. Beat battle, however, happens between two "beat makers" or producers. Their main task is to show off their best and hottest beats, which will make our heads bop and bodies rock! MAIN PRIZE PROVIDED BY T STUDIO.