Ozols, who is known to everyone, is one of the pioneers of the hip-hop genre in Latvia. He started his career in the 1990s and has received the Latvian Music Record of the Year Award three times. Not only an experienced artist, but also an outstanding and well-known artist in Latvia. Needless to say, Ozols will not leave anyone indifferent.

After the concert "paliec skolā!",  four well-known latvian rappers (steps, rolands če, xantikvariāts and prusax) decided that such a line-up is necessary for both rap lovers and themselves so an association was formed where these four notable and popular latvian rap stars can make music together. The authors of the great songs "Svars" and "GANGx100'' are currently working on a new album, which will be released soon. As always, the new but excellent rapper association will take the stage and make the audience sweat to the max.

The early beginnings of the group can be traced to the rap collective ‘’Kreisais Krasts’’, where all 4 members initially met in various projects. ‘’Muud’’ consists of Ingus Šusts ( Punkts uz i), Mārtiņs Mednis (Cepums), Jānis Krūmiņš (Mazais Zaļais) and the creative director Toms Rings.

Energetic 23-year-old rapper from Ikšķile / Ogre, who raps in both Latvian and English. He’s not only a member of the freestyle rap association ‘’Brīvrunu Projekts’’ but also a part of the well-known prestigious Latvian hip-hop group ‘’Kreisais Krasts’’.

Ods (Mosquito) - Flying in from the small Lubezere territory, Ods (Mosquito) is a relatively small midge in the Latvian music scene. He recently released his second album ‘’Nestāsti Mammai’’, which has received recognition from various rappers as well as other people who favor the genre. His goal is to change the reputation of mosquitoes in our society and ensure that in every party there will be at least one that nobody wants to squish. If you don’t like mosquitoes, keep your windows closed, because this summer they will be on your skin and in your speakers!

KJUUMANIS quickly gained popularity in the hip hop scene after his victory in the 371 Clique freestyle battle. On May 27th this year, he released his debut album “VĒL SMARAGDĀ” otherwise “STILL IN EMERALD”, in which he worked with local artists such as Xantikvariāts, Ods, Kaizers and others. KJUUMANIS is a part of the hip hop group “Prospekti” who are the forerunners of G FUNK in Latvia.

An active DnB electronic music producer for almost 13 years will share his rhythms and tear the roof off to the max. One of the pioneers of the DnB sub-genre "Jump Up" in Latvia. He started to gain experience since he was a child and has participated in various projects both at home and abroad. He will show his skills on the dance floor. Are you ready?

Chris Vader you will probably recognize if we just call him Veiders, but maybe his heavy and technical sound will be the thing that appeals to you! He is an LV producer and DJ, who started his career in 2010. He has performed several times in Belgium and collaborated with record companies in the UK and the USA. In recent years, he has switched to HipHop / Trap music production and has collaborated with such LV artists as Ansis, Steps, Kjuumanis, EV and others.

Skaabe - In latvian that means “Sourr”. Definitely he will be the most sour guy at the festival. He has been active in the underground scene for more than 6 years and has participated in many festivals as a DJ and also as a producer.

An electronic music producer and DJ that will heat up the dancefloor with DnB, Jungle and Roller. Inspired by his studies in England, RalphB wants to introduce broken rhythms to the local people.

A young and energetic guy named Dmitrijs Dmitrijevs – an enjoyer of life and adrenaline-lover who couldn’t imagine his daily life without DnB. He started his DJ career in 2019, inspired by a rave event. He always goes towards his goals and wishes others to do the same. We hope you’re prepared for adrenaline and strong rhythms!

If you're lucky enough, you've already seen this energetic Dnb DJ blasting dance floors at local bars, clubs and Rave Rebellion events in Riga.  He prefers different DnB sub-genres in his sets – he can heat up the dance floor with neurofunk, jump up and crossbreed, or by showing his love for Liquid and Techstep rollers.

Prepare your sneakers, it will be hot!

DJ, to whom a lot of people in concerts come up to and say : "I didn't expect you to be a girl!". A walking neurofunk bomb with a ticking clock. Most likely will scatter you into small pieces on the dance floor, but you can't know for sure, so come check it out.


D I N otherwise known as Christian Dinsberg, who has gone from listening to hip-hop in his youth to a career as an electronic music DJ and producer. DIN will warm us up with his rhythmic, melodic, bassline-driven electronic dance music that has many artistic details. Are you ready for some real hypnosis?

DJ and producer from Riga, who gained recognition in the world of electronic music with his own productions and unique selection.  Prefers minimalistic underground sounds with playful low frequencies in his music. Always after new records and fresh sounds. He’s not an unfamiliar face - he’s gained significant recognition in Riga with his parties and at the Jenotu Urban Trap Festival will show you how to tear down the roof properly.

DJ and Vinyl enthusiast who started scratching for records in 2017. Will mostly play house, techno and minimal music.  You’ll hear a dynamic and ever changing approach to the house sound, often mixed with records of different moods from different eras. With his music, SANDYAJ will challenge listeners and dancers to a more eclectic view of the world of underground electronic music.

DJ with an extensive performance history not only in Latvia but also abroad, will perform music from underground house, deep house, microhouse, minimal, dubtechno and breaks styles. You may have seen this DJ genius heating the dance floor at events like Sensation White, Knockout, Dance Summit and more. This time he will make the party go wild!

Born and raised in Riga, he started his career in 2005. Over time, he has participated in various festivals and warmed up stages for countless artists. You may have seen this guy sharing the stage with other great artists in the OneOne Club. Wear comfortable clothes because this will not be a waltz!

Representatives of Lithuanian house music, who have been well known for organizing countless parties in their homeland - endless hours spent in various festivals and in events organized on their own initiative all over the country. Are you ready to get introduced to some strong Lithuanian rhythms?